Polyurethane, Polyisocyanurate and Expanded Polystyrene

Valmic Industries, are manufacturers of closed cell rigid Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate insulation Block Foam. Our PU and PIC offer excellent thermal properties and a high comprehensive strength. PIC is of a fire retardant grade. We offer a wide range of densities from 32kg/m3 to 80kg/m3. With the aid of computerised profile cutters material can be supplied in any 2-dimensional shape, from flat sheet to pipe insulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Thermal Conductivity at 10°c = 0.023W/mK
  • Temperature Range -140°C to + 80°C
  • R-Value = 1.09m²K/W for 25mm sheets (40kg/m³)
  • Life long energy saving
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • CFC Free
  • PIC has low flame spread and smoke emissions which significantly reduce the risk of fire

Handling and Storage:

As per all items in storage, fire safety regulations should always be considered. All Health and Safety regulations should be adhered to and complied with. Product should always be stored under cover and protected from the elements.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

We also Supply EPS Products in numerous shapes and sizes for your insulation needs, the use of EPS for thermal insulation results in significant energy savings, which drastically decrease the emission of polluting gasses this contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse gas effect.

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