Elastomeric closed cell tubing and sheet insulation material.

Superlon is engineered with the highest standard. Our closed cell characteristic is the key component to an effective insulator by providing a barrier between the pipe surface and atmospheric conditions. Superlon Insulation is available in sheeting from 3mm thick to 51mm thick, we also stock a large range of insulation piping in various sizes from 6mm to 141mm.

Supelon is used in a wide range of hot and cold insulating applications:

Low Thermal Conductivity and High moisture resistance:

Superlon insulation material is produced with a high percentage of closed cells.

Commitment to provide the best:

Superlon invests in continuous R & D and are striving to further enhance it's formulation to provide the best insulation solutions.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Although Superlons products are mainly black in colour, the surface of the skin is smooth presenting a respectable finish on any given project.

Low Allergen:

Unlike other insulation products, Superlon insulation is dust and fibre free which does not present any health related hazards.


Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) and low Volitile Organic Components (VOC).

Superior fire performance:

Products have been certified with Class 1, Class O and FM Approved.

Superlon Tip

Correct installation will improve the lifespan and Performance of the insulation. Key factors of good insulation:

  • Using Correct Thickness
  • Installing the insulation material correctly

Before you install - Determine the thickness of the insulation based on five factors:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pipe Size (Outer diameter of pipe)
  • Line Temperature
  • Medium (Gas or Liquid)

Durable and Ozone Resistant

Closed Cell Structure

Class 1 and Class O fire properties

UV Resistant

R-1 Value Insulation