High-Tech and High Temperature Textiles

Valmic Industries (Pty) Ltd supply a wide range of High-Tech and High Temperature textiles which are available in a variety of formations such as: twisted ropes, fabrics, woven, non woven, sleeves, braided ropes, rolls, tapes and much more!

These textiles have many unique characteristics and advantages for use in industrial applications where thermal insulation & general protection is required. We can offer textiles that range in temperature from 100˚C to 1000˚C. Conversion of all textile products are our forte i.e fire/welding blankets, heat resistant mitts etc.

Our product range consists of:

High-Tech and High Temperature Textiles

  • Aramid
  • Silicone Coated
  • Fibre Glass
  • Ceramic (Also available in: Bulk Fiber, Blankets, Boards and Paper)
Abrasion / Cut Resistant & Thermal Protection

  • Lined Conti Suits
  • Mitts and Gloves
  • Tadpole Seals
  • Welding Blankets and more.

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