Ultra Clamps

The Ultra Clamp series is a comprehensive range of stainless steel pipe repair clamps. ULTRA CLAMPS are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, epoxy coated ductile iron and natural rubber. The rubber seal complies with the requirements of SABS 1808-45.

The ULTRA CLAMP employs patent pending technology:

  • High pressure one piece rubber seal they are not cut and joined
  • Armourplate is VULCANISED into rubber seal at the time of moulding.
  • Completely WELD FREE product fabrication.

ULTRA CLAMP employ patented rubber sealing technology and weld free fabrication technology. The patent seal offers a high operating pressure at a reduced bolt torque rating. The weld free fabrication eliminates any risk of failure to weld corrosion or cracking. This creates an easier to use, high quality product, resulting in leak proof repairs on all pipe materials. ULTRA CLAMPS have wide sealing tolerance and a patent pending rubber seal design. Available from 40mm – 1000mm.

Why the power clamp has superior sealing performance?

The patent pending and design registered ULTRA CLAMP rubber seals offers the highest pressure rating of any stainless steel repair clamp seal currently available. The 45˚ angle wide spaced ribs effect the higher point load onto the surface of the pipe to be repaired. This converts into a greater pressure rating of the repair clamp.

The Ultra Clamps Series is a comprehensive range of stainless steel pipe repair clamps and tap in saddles. They should not be used to join pipes.

Ultra Clamps are available in various clamp lengths (up to 1200mm wide) and they are suitable for virtually any pipe material. Ultra Clamp products from DN40mm and greater are supplied as full circumferential repair clamps, complete with a stainless steel armour plate vulcanized into the rubber seal at the time of moulding.

Ultra Clamps are constructed from 100% stainless steel and therefore offer a permanent repair for many types of pipe damage such as cracks, holes and corrosion pitting. Special sizes and widths, and high speed manufacturing for urgent breakdowns are available on request.

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